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16 AUG 02
I promised to return on 12 March 2002 - but here I am now 16 Aug 2002 to update. InsideOxfordUniversity Is another site that deals with the genesis of ZARDAUS <(Z)> ©, LordOxford, Captain-Zero. and the Nemesis of the rich and greedy aristocracy.

"OxyMoron" is a contraction of Olde English "Oxford Moron".
It means "Clever Fool" or "over-educated but without common sense."

Such is still the result of training in the "Prestigious English Institute" Oxford University. "Prestigious" means "Having wealth and power", and "Institute" is as described by Jonathon Swift, 300 years ago in "Gullivers Travels" - He also described the Lawyers of his day accurately, and there has been little change.

"GREED is the way" the way the way... the way...
..and "Grease" is what you inherit to make greed slip down easy.

"Alan Gay(*1) and Roger Treweek(*2,3)

are examples of this "Money over Mind" set, They are THIEVES (*4) and DECEIVERS (*5)"


(*1) "A.Gay" means "A POOFTER"
(*2) "Roger" means "to copulate with"
(*3) "Treweek" means "21 days in Ireland"
(*4) They have written their names on, and taken control of property purchased and developed by me.
(*5) The public record makes it appear that these OxfordMorons are COMPETENT and able to


(older stuff) Those in positions of power and privilege are hell bent on enslaving all those not decreed to be so. There is a message for you - It's 2002, and still the world wants more NastyWeapons, rather than MoreLove, so perhaps it's "Down to (Captain) Zero, with A word" ... "Bleeding"- perhaps it is.....

Date 2 March 2002 AurumDomini

Now we walk with our feet back to the ground...and perhaps we should, For, just as this site shows the tenacity of a single, unemployed wizard in rural Australia to "Sock it to" all sorts of vain-glorious people, who usually don't have to sully their hands dealing with us "LesserPeople". similar disenfranchisement of "Arabs", "the UnderAged", "The OverAged" and "Those born elsewhere" that has replaced the former of The third Reicht with IsraeliNazism and USNazism.

WellThatSucks - and by doing something about it by using my brain, I hope to encourage others not to submit to any such forms of - Like "Prestigious" Institutes murdering or otherwise disenfranchising any that do not pay them homage. NONE OF US should put up with that, and I'd appreciate some relief from having to be the sole opponent to huge richly fed soldiers of repression, amongst which is England's "Oxford University" where "Prestige" is a lot more important than education.

I Shall return.... ;-)