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Phnom Penh. Cambodia 0605-2015 …..(last update was 1608-2002)....

There are more pressing issues than “Why I am the webmaster here” We presently have a HUGELY SIGNIFICANT DANGER to the future of humanity, which (again?) is being ignored by “scientists” the experts that we should be listening to are NOT jumping up and down saying

PAN-PAN-PAN - Urgency, Vital action required now...As they should be.


Envisat is an out of control “runaway explosives truck” Using this domain may be rather wasteful – the english institute is not very intelligent, just very rich. But for throwing shit at vainglorious academe, It just might be ideal. it is globally important to humankind's future that we DEAL WITH THE ENVISAT PROBLEM NOW

Envisat is a large – 8.2 tonne satellite (only a bit less massive than Hubble) and it is currently endangering ALL FUTURE USE of space to mankind. This is NOT “Somebody Else's Problem” - It is CURRENTLY and IMMEDIATELY a severe problem for Humanities future

So why is nothing being done about it? Why isn't it on every newstand and TV channel? Why aren't Boffins Revolting? … (well, perhaps that's a matter of opinion;-) , but this is not a problem to ignore... Go Google “Envisat” check – the warning there is nowhere near dire enough, as most people are unaware what an orbit is, and what a collision there means...

Barking@OrBiting.Us is just one of my many geeky email addresses, I control the “Domain name”. I am a wizard. A “technical guy” who connects many sciences … with moderate, but limited expertise in many.... I do get some things wrong. So does NASA.

So WHY is Envisat such a worry …. “Environmental Satellite” is a cosy, cuddly enough name, and YES, It has done a great deal to discover and measure all sorts of useful things – some “going wrong” on Planet Earth …. “One Blue Dot” in the rear view mirror of our last departing Saturn 5 launch of the seventies ... But No, Not launched by NASA, launched by ESA …. but who put it there isn't the question – it will affect us all, SOON... Why? It's Size, it's orbit, its steering, braking and communication failure

Whereas NASA reckons that only 2 impact or close miss events (within 200 metres) per year with major Catalogued space mines will occur (“space junk” is NOT a good descriptive word, it is NOT stationary, its 7.5Km/second velocity makes it considerably more energetic than TNT) – but there's about 1,000 times more pieces that are smaller and not catalogued. It is most likely that such a smaller collision is what rendered Envisat inoperative.... isn't that so, NASA? bears this warning too.

So how stupid are we - the human race? Are we typical as all the other stupid “intelligent species” on the squillions of similar planets around squillion other similar suns in our galaxy who've stuffed up the same way? - That would explain the spectacular lack of radio waves or contact with similar civilizations.. we could do better, we just couldn't be bothered to. So how stupid would I be to ignore it too? … just because others can't be bothered to know – there are hundreds of millions of people who could... should... reach the same conclusion that this is indeed a serious problem that needs immediate attention.


What difference can I make? Why listen to me? Am I making all this up for a profit motive? … No... do your own homework, 10 minutes on google should make you think otherwise. It's not ME that's important, It's the message :-

Envisat is a DERELICT space craft travelling at 8Km/second in a very bad orbit – not just polar, but retrograde polar – it orbits MORE than 90 degrees off the equatorial orbit, and crosses the equator every 50 minutes at a relative speed of more than 10Km/second. 36,000Km/hr or mach30 . It is out of control.

A collision at mach30 is no “fender bender” the energy release is extreme (from high school E=1/2MV squared) The square of velocity... so it contains 900 times as much energy as a collision at Mach1..... Or 130,000 times that of a collision at 100Km/hr … This means material doesn't just dent, stay solid, melt or vaporise... it goes straight to PLASMA in microseconds at 50,000 degrees and still keeps going... leaving any container contents as superheated gas to explode. Many million volts of plasma and EMP destruction too...

The craft will definitely break up from this as well as the jolt. Perhaps only 10,000 pieces at 1Kg, but probably a million smaller bits in an expanding fan of debris which rapidly destroys all the other satellites in any nearby orbit. Not much will be lost from 800Km . But Hubble and ISS will most probably be hit and destroyed within a day or two..... but don't worry, it won't affect the TV satellites... just the ability to replace them. was in 2010, when Envisat still had control, power, fuel and maneuverability. In the same situation today, human access to orbit would not be safe, and machines would be at much greater risk or not practical at all.

Previously, this domain pointed to all of which still applies at 1804-2015 …. Dempasar, Indonesia. Please contact me @Oxford (Twitter)



  1. make sure the WORLD knows that it's spacefaring future is in deadly DANGER

  2. IMMEDIATE Urgent Action has to be Mandated .. also .. but not just … financed. A fund must be set up – Perhaps this is (also my domain, being re-vamped)

  3. GUILT should be used as a weapon, as a threat – we must pull out all stops or “we all perish” (“in the long term”). This needs to be applied not just to ESA, but to ALL Space Agencies who CAN but won't help before its too late. Includes NASA, CCCP, ESA, JAXA CHINA, even INDIA, even NORTH KOREA, Even Virgin! … anyone who CAN launch a rescue but won't

  4. ORGANIZATION – This is at least a UNITED-NATIONS “problem” - But not one to sit around talking about – immediate action is required – this is a bigger “un-noticed” emergency than “The Titanic” requiring at least as speedy a response... “The iceberg” we are steaming towards WE DO KNOW ABOUT, but we can't steer, we can't brake, and we are approaching it at Mach30

  5. MECHANISM – we have to get to our 8 tonne runaway satellite. Even a 100Kg ship with a tiny booster and some fishing tackle would give us SOME collision avoidance capability. Let's despatch SEVERAL of those tomorrow.

  6. REGULATION – permit NO OTHER LAUNCHES from ESA or any other agency until after dealing with this. And THEN, avoid repeating the error next week – no more polar inclined orbits to be launched into LEO – unless to (also?) pick up parts of this minefield we have created through lack of care.

  7. Consider Boosting Envisat UP, not destructively down (such is cheaper and safer?) convert it to a trash can for recycling well above LEO … let it add to resources for and its interplanetary efforts, rather than wipe out it and our entire planet and all its races future use of space.


(Emergency Rescue Vehicle One, Back of Envelope Design)

  1. This is WAR (against total annihilation of future space access) do not delay. A (funded) TEENAGER is capable of this design,,,

  2. SEVERAL small or medium rockets about to be launched are commandeered, their payload removed and replaced and trajectory changed to dock with envisat

  3. The initial ERV1 may be as little as 100Kg to give envisat some collision avoidance capability - a small vector-able (preferably liquid fuel) rocket engine and or several solid rocket motors, that can be attached to envisat with multi-grips, wire, or something similarly versatile - we can capture envisat with fishing line. a robot arm- even a toy one - would be good. We need camera and comms (a boosted mobile phone) bluetooth control to steer and start mini rocket. A decent mobile phone has inertial and satellite navigation. We could use a dozen 5Kg SRB motors to get some steerage, one at a time

  4. If our commandeered rocket can carry 500Kg, then send five of these on it, use them one at a time...

  5. improve the design and put them as PART of the load of all future launches, to service not just the newly launched load, but also remove debris from nearby orbits.

  6. Agree to Restrict all future LEO flights to equatorial ONLY orbit below 1000Km immediately, 5000Km ASAP

  7. All new flights must also provide a percentage salvage for other debris of a proportion of their (commercial?) payload mass

  8. that percentage should be a lot higher as any planned deviation from equatorial orbit gets higher.

  9. I suggest a high school / universityt 10,000 Euros reward to the best 10 designs presented in 2 days time?

  10. Change space law to make ownership, safe use, storage and disposal of satellites AT LEAST as restricted as weapons on international aircraft flights, this ENVISAT has become an un-controlled WMD. Let “owners” be known as owners of such. states this.

  1. Be more sensible in handling this – the SAFEST and the most BENEFICIAL movement. The (2 tonne?) vehicle mass and energy required to de-orbit envisat could instead get it most of the way to L1, where it could again be useful at least as mass shielding. The path upwards is also safer than down for envisat and its rescue craft … and does not have to be done in a single hit – some band aid orbit changes (ascent) make this a lesser danger to LEO …

The danger to LEO is the most pressing of all issues in 2015

Envisat emergency. Don't just sit there...